Privacy policy

The privacy of the user is one of the main concerns of Arabia.Store so it provides here the basic principles of privacy

Arabia.Store requests every new user to read the privacy policy carefully before shopping on the site


Article 1

Arabia.Store is committed to ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of user information for its services


Article 2

Arabia.Store is committed not to use this information for purposes of an unlawful nature, unauthorized purposes, transactions or any illegal activity


Article 3

Some areas where Arabia.Store may use the user's personal information

Promote safe trade by providing service in accordance with the principles and privacy agreement

Collection of payments

Troubleshoot technical issues

Conflict resolution / if any

Service development based on user experience

Improve our services and inform users about services and latest developments

Send ads and promotions based on user preferences


Article 4

Arabia.Store requests each user to update contact information whenever necessary


Article 5

Arabia.Store will not disclose any personal information to the user without his consent

We may disclose information only when legally required to respond to any litigation or to combat fraud

Or to protect our interests and those of other users


Article 6

Arabia.Store may contract with other companies that have a global reputation and are prestigious on the Internet for the development of services provided to the user

Therefore, any exchange of information between Arabia Store and these companies will not affect privacy and user rights


Article 7

Arabia.Store takes appropriate measures to store all information, data, and correspondence through secure and confidential systems


Article 8

Arabia Store does not allow its employees to disclose the password to any user

All data is encrypted and stored in a secure environment

If the user forgets the password, Arabia.Store sends the password without seeing it because the system is automatic

An Arabia.Store staff member will never request a password from the user by e-mail or phone


Article 9

Arabia.Store will not sell or rent the user's personal information to a third party for marketing purposes

Without user consent

In some rare cases, Arabia Store may disclose personal user information in order to implement the Arabia Store policies

To respond to legal requirements, or to respond to claims that an ad or content violates the rights of others or to protect a person's property or safety


Article 10

The user agrees to receive marketing advertisements for goods and services only if the user does not wish to receive such advertisements

If the user does not want to receive marketing advertisements from Arabia Store, he must inform Arabia Store of his desire

By following the instructions sent with the marketing ad

The user is not allowed to use the Arabic Store website or any of the Arabia.Store communication tools to collect other user addresses

In order to send messages and in case of such action the user is deemed to have violated the Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy of the Arabia Store website

Arabia.Store reserves the right to take appropriate action as a result of such conduct, which may include preventing the user from using the site and taking legal action

Arabia.Store also has the right to automatically scan and sort e-mail messages through its available communication tools

In addition, Arabia Store has the right to track any malicious activity or prohibited content if you use the tools of Arabia Store to send content to another person

Arabia Store does not store the addresses of other people permanently and does not disclose Store Story for marketing purposes

To report annoying ads from other users, please contact customer service at the following email address


Article 11

Site Store monitors and reviews any entries placed on its site by other users, and assumes no liability in respect of data published by other users. Arabia.Store reserves the right to review the material entered from time to time and remove any inappropriate content without any justification and the user is not entitled Or any other person to claim any compensation or damage resulting from such action


Article 12


Was the result of any delay or interruption of service due to circumstances beyond its control


Article 13

Arabia.Store disclaims all responsibility for the contents of external links  written by third parties on its website

In addition, Arabia.Store informs the user that it is not responsible for the level of security or methods used in the other websites led by the link 

Arabia.Store advises the user when he or she commits a link written on their website to any other website

The user should read the privacy policy of the websites he visits

Especially if these sites ask the user to give personal information


Article 14

Arabia.Store may modify your privacy policy at any time.

The modified version shall be effective as from the date of its publication

If the User continues to use the website, it is bound by the terms and conditions contained in the new modified version

For the way Arabia Store deals with and handles the personal user information it has provided

Arabia Store hopes that users will occasionally be able to access the Arabia Store ads

Which may be related to this policy


Article 15

Use cookies

Cookies are a small file that contains codes that are sent to a user's computer when a user visits any Web site

When the user visits the website again, the cookie file for that site allows the user to be identified from the browser

Cookies may also store information that they prefer or that are most appropriate for the user and other information

The user can reset his browser to reject all cookies or to indicate when sending a cookie file

However, some features or services of the site may not work properly without cookies


Cookies are used for multiple purposes, for example

 Enhance the user experience on the Internet

The Site uses cookies or other tracking techniques to understand the Service and to improve or customize products, content or offers

Services or ads on the site

Arabia Store may use cookies to personalize the users' experience in order to assist the site in displaying products, content or offers

Or services that may be of interest to the user or the delivery of related or similar ads when the user visits the site or another application

You may use Arabia Store or other third party service providers, advertisers, cookies or other tracking techniques to manage and measure the performance of ads displayed or delivered from or through a network or other services

 Adapt or customize ads, offers and content available to the user based on his / her visit, use of the Services or any other application, platform or services over the Internet or mobile, and analyze the performance of such advertisements, offers and content as well as user interaction with them.


Article 16

The site may disclose some information as follows

Service providers or partners who have been used by the Site to(a) perform business-related functions on behalf of the Site. (B) to create content; (c) to provide support to customers or technical or operational support; (d) to manage or support marketing (eg e-mail or advertising platforms); (e) (G) For the services of the website, forums, and communities on the Internet; (h) For the management of competitions;

The site ensures that the service providers or partners whom the site has used to perform business-related functions on behalf of the site must adhere to the site's privacy policy and other security and confidentiality procedures applied by the site.

In response to legal proceedings, for example, in response to a request from the court, request for law enforcement or a request from a government agency or similar request.


Article 17

The site may transfer some or all of the user's information if the site or business unit is undergoing a business transition, such as mergers or acquisitions by another company, the sale of all or part of its assets, or if it is a large part of the assets One of its business units has been sold or merged in this way.


Article 18

By visiting the Services on the Site, whether you are a registered user or otherwise, the User acknowledges, accepts or refuses to grant their consent that the Site will track and use the User's activities through the technologies listed on the Site, as well as similar technologies that may be developed in the future.

Users can withdraw approval at any time.

They have the right to object, the right to enter, the right to delete, the right to restrict the collection of personal data. In addition, users are entitled to request records of data that has already been collected from the user and gives users the opportunity to "unsubscribe"



Article 19

Data storage

The Site maintains personal user data for a period of 30 days and/or for the period of service delivery and for the purpose of the work

Once the site ceases to provide services and/or termination and the data is no longer needed, it will either destroy or delete it